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A Celebration of Walking in New Zealand

A crossover between a anthology and classic non-fiction, this fully illustrated publication celebrates the joy of walking in Aotearoa through fun facts, interviews, personal essays, and hand-lettered quotes.


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Change or failure? A pep talk to myself

Changing direction can feel like failure. You know, we’re taught to stick to things and not give up, to persist,...

A new direction: Focusing on Non-Fiction

I’m starting a new publishing company called Blue Mushroom Books. Everything is still a work in progress right now, but...

Ramble On Book Launch

Thank you again to everyone who played a part in the launch! It was by all accounts a wonderful afternoon...

Keep doing what’s honest to you

Keep doing what’s honest to you

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of watching the news in the morning, and the other day there was an...

Why a picture book on leatherback sea turtles? +augmented reality announcement

When I look at my backlist (yes, it’s exciting to be able to refer to my ‘backlist’) I see a...

It’s okay to not be happy with your work

When I was finishing off the formatting for Ramble On over the last few weeks, it was taking longer than...

Turtles, dollhouses, and plants – what’s next?

With Ramble On in its final stages (celebrate the release at Auckland Central Library, Sun Oct 15) I’ve been busy...

On bookselling: you get back what you give

I’ve been selling at events for a while now. The first was The Caretaker of Imagination book launch, then craft markets,...

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