Amazing Animals

For the April A-Z blogging challenge, I’ll be blogging (almost) daily about my latest release, The Caretaker of Imagination.

When my illustrator, Jane Thorne, sat down to do the illustrations in The Caretaker of Imagination, the enchanted forest scene tickled her imagination.

Jane used some of the animals I had described in the forest, but also added some of her own. In the illustrator’s foreword (which is only in the Limited Edition version) she says, “I took some liberties and added in as many exotic non-forest dwelling animals as I could imagine.”

You can see that she’s taken animals from all over the place – from the Australia to Antarctica to the African savannahs. What animal would you add?



If you’re interested in the book, you can purchase it from one of the links below:




6 Responses to “Amazing Animals

  • The quagga! I just read an article about the scientists who are working on bringing back extinct animals like the quagga and the passenger pigeon.

      3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment – I had to look up what a quagga was… think I’m going to have to bring it in somehow or the other.

  • As you know, I love your amazing animals:)

      3 years ago

      Yes, I do know 🙂 I really loved your question about the animal characters. It gave me more insight into myself and my writing.

  • I like it the way it is, although you could a purely NZ animal – kiwibird, tuatara, takahe.

      3 years ago

      Good idea. On fact, the draft I’m working on now has a bit of island-hopping. I think I will have to do a NZ-themed one. Thanks for the inspiration!

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