“Beautifully described with ZR’s gentle humour and eye for detail” – Cora-2, Wattpad

“When John, who, ‘like most grown-ups had about as much sense as a spider monkey,’ finally gets the gumption to run away from home at the age of 42, he falls into a fabulous adventure, supervised by his astute cat, Theo, and a pirate from the coffee shop.

The adventures that befall him are beautifully described with ZR’s gentle humour and eye for detail, as they travel over the sea and across the forest floor, to where ‘the orchestra of birds and the trickle of water flood his mind.’

As the Great Mouse Edgar recounts the tragedy of the forest’s lost tails, John resolves to find the Caretaker of the Imagination, to bring the forest to life again.

How? Read this story out loud, and you will find out!” By Cora-2

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