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For the April A-Z blogging challenge, I’ll be blogging (almost) daily about my latest release, The Caretaker of Imagination.

All writers have strengths and weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is not putting enough detail and description into my writing.

I tend to write quite short pieces of writing, which is true for my blog as well, rather than waffle on about stuff. This is good in some ways – I certainly think there are benefits to short books, especially for children – but sometimes readers want to hold on to a scene for a little while longer.

So how do I improve? I rely heavily on my editor and my beta readers, who point out the bits that they want to be longer. If a lot of them point out a particular scene, then I’ll work on putting a bit more depth into.

When I do this, I think about emotional responses of the characters, sensory language (what could be seen / heard / felt…) , and I try to put myself in the mind of the reader: ‘If I was reading this book, what would I want to more about?’

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6 Responses to “Detail and Description

  • You are absolutely right! My betas have also found parts where they felt I have glossed over something that I should have spent more time on.

      3 years ago

      Yup! And even though I’m getting better at finding those parts myself, I’m still not very good at it – thank goodness for my betas and editor!

  • My blog posts are short too, but for me it’s because I try to tell the story in photos.

      3 years ago

      Just like picture books! I think the rule of thumb for picture books is that you should be able to tell what the story is just by looking at the pictures – the words just add to them. From what I’ve seen of your blog, you do achieve this.

  • I notice my gloss over tendencies when I go back and reread. I think it’s because we hold ALL of it in our heads, forgetting it’s brand new to the reader. I’m getting better at flushing out the writing, adding more details and descriptions. Great post Zee!

      3 years ago

      Cheers, Inger! That’s a good point – that we forget we HAVE to explain it, because we already know it. Which emphasises the need for beta readers / fresh eyes who, you know, can’t read our minds lol.

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