For the April A-Z blogging challenge, I’ll be blogging about my latest release, The Caretaker of Imagination.

We’d all like to think we’re perfect, but errors are sneaky little things! Two major ones spotted in The Caretaker of Imagination are:

  • P. 29 Currently reads:
“It stood as still as a boy caught stealing cookies until he a rustle  …”
And should be:
“It stood as still as a boy caught stealing cookies until he a rustle  …”
  • At the back of the book, I’ve included the first two chapters of Lucy’s Story: The End of the World. It says it will be out in April 2015, but that’s the time I need it ready by! The to-be-published-hopefully date is July 2015.

If you’ve read my work and spotted any errors – please let me know. I won’t take it the wrong way, promise 🙂

If you’re interested in the book, you can purchase it from one of the links below:




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  • Oh. I’ll be getting a lot of spoilers by following your challenge then 😛 🙂 Looking forward to the book.

      3 years ago

      Lol! Hopefully not too many – just a different understanding of the story 🙂

      Thanks again xx

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