Giveaway & Interview on SONZA: Spotlight On the New Zealand Arts

I got this lovely intro from Barbs, a fellow writer at SONZA. She’s an actress and did the awesome reading (pirate voice and all) which you can see here.

Zee Southcombe (otherwise known by her author name, ZR Southcombe) is a frequent artistic writer/contributor for SONZA. She is incredibly passionate about promoting the NZ arts scene and encouraging our young people to see the arts as a viable career. To that end she has delved into a career as a writer for children and young adults.

Her first book, a wordless picture book about the struggles of creativity called What Stars Are Made Of made its debut early this year to positive reviews and her second book, a story about believing in imagination, is due for release at a book launch next Saturday. I sat down with ZR to talk about what inspired her to write a book for children about a grown-up who runs away.

Read the full interview here.

Questions I answer:

1) Can you remember the exact moment you came up with the idea for The Caretaker of Imagination, or was the conception more like a gradual process?
2) How much or little do you relate to the main character, John?
3) What kind of readers do you think will enjoy the book most?
4) What kind of books did you enjoy most growing up, and what do you enjoy now?
5) Do you have any favourite kiwi authors?
6) What’s next for you?

Oh! I almost forgot… you can win a signed paperback, too! I’ll ship anywhere (well, anywhere on Earth. Inter-galactic shipping will break the bank) so make sure you enter – and get your friends to, as well 🙂

Read the full interview here.

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