Little Black Bugs (also known as Jane Thorne, illustrator)

My illustrator hasn’t always been an illustrator. Mostly, she’s a painter, and she paints… bugs!


Her studio is home to a fantastic collection of insects (well, photographs of the insects) and her paintings bring these little guys into the limelight. I’m always amazed at how human, and full of character, her paintings are.

Jane has illustrated one book before, which was about the other kind of bugs – germs! Apart from that, The Caretaker of Imagination was her first one. Since then, she’s illustrated This Is My Life, a children’s picture book by Anne Vrankovich (out soon!) and of course, Lucy’s Story: The End of the World, which will be released in May / June (NZ Winter).

To see more of Jane Thorne’s beautiful artwork, go to her website:

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