Monday Musings (are back)

Because all I could think about for the last month was the NZ Book Fest, I decided not to do my Monday updates. I’m back to (my version of ) normal now, so they’re coming back!

I’ve been in a funny place lately, for several reasons, but mostly because being an indie author is hard yakka and I now have a very busy lifestyle. It’s fun hard, and it’s fun busy, but I do need to sleep, and eat, and rest, and be social.

But enough with complaining! I am extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to even consider being a writer and artist as a full time gig, and I have many people to look up to in this area – who are either doing their thing full time (artists, writers, musicians…) or are working towards it. Lots and lots of inspiration!

New stuff:

  • I’m working on a non-fiction book about my journey to becoming a writer. Nothing fancy, just me and my experiences.
  • My aim, once I get started, is to do 2-ish vlogs per week.
  • I’m also building an Indie Books site for NZ authors, to be launched during Book Week, (26 Oct-1 Nov). We’ll see how things go with this, but I was blown away by the level of work at the NZ Book Fest that I wanted to highlight our books.

Last week was the school holidays, so it was a bit topsy-turvy but did have lots of events:

  • The NZ Independent Book Festival
  • The New Lynn Night Market
  • The Mt Eden Village Craft Market
NZ Book Festival 2015

NZ Book Festival 2015

And this week there are some fun things, and some catch-up things:

  • Colour Your Own Adventure is a group exhibition (interactive) curated by ScribbleAKL as a part of ArtWeek Auckland. It’s my first ever exhibition so I’m chuffed to be a part of it! It’s in Chancery Square, Auckland, and opening times can be found on my Facebook page.
  • I’ll be at the Hospital Market this Thursday morning, teaming up with Crafts by Nicola and her awesome colouring pencil rolls.
  • I’m meeting with a couple of people about potential events / distribution – watch this space.
  • Catching up on bookkeeping. Fun times.
  • Also cleaning the office. More fun times.
  • Really truly vlog. I’m nervous which is causing procrastination, but I’ll get there 🙂


4 Responses to “Monday Musings (are back)

  • You put me in awe with all the fascinating things you are up to! Looking forward to watching your vlogs and reading the book on your journey!

    • Z.R. Southcombe
      2 years ago

      Thanks, Amanda! I’m enjoying experimenting with different ideas and seeing what opportunities come up 🙂

  • Sounds like you are quite busy. Your art week project sounds really exciting. We will be in the city over the weekend doing art week tours. Maybe we will finally meet.

    • Z.R. Southcombe
      2 years ago

      Hope so! I’ll be around on Saturday, probably in the afternoon 🙂

      I am pretty busy, but I know January is going to be quiet in the events area so I’m making the most of the busy, pre-Christmas period.

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