My first author school visit – St Dominic’s Primary School

My first visit to a school as a ‘real author’ happened last week – to none other than the school I used to attend! I grew up in the Auckland suburb of Blockhouse Bay, and down the road from our house was a little Catholic church and school.

I was lucky enough to be invited in to visit the Year 3-6 classes (that’s roughly ages 8-10) and had a wonderful time. The children and the teachers were welcoming – and I even saw a few familiar faces. One of them is in the photo below – she taught me at a different school, when I was Year 8 (12 years old). It was a lovely moment to be back as an adult sharing where I’m at in this stage of life.

The most heart-warming part of the visit was learning how many students were interested in writing and reading (there were a few budding comic book artists, too!) and being able to show them that being a writer can be more than just a daydream πŸ™‚

Thanks to St Dominic’s Primary students & staff for such a wonderful, welcoming and inspiring visit!

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2 Responses to “My first author school visit – St Dominic’s Primary School

  • Wonderful to see the visit was heartwarming! It’s clear from the photos that the kids really appreciated your visit. πŸ™‚

      3 years ago

      It truly was, Drae. Thanks so much for your comment – I’ll be going back sometime to work with a group of writers. Looking forward to it!

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