On irregular blogging, and the year so far

So this weekly vlog thing isn’t working very well, but I am not giving up yet! I still get excited about doing a video, but when I go to actually record it I feel something akin to stage fright and it doesn’t happen. Hopefully, admitting it here in this public space will spur me on! I am aiming to record every Friday. Routine helps.

In other news, I’m enjoying the creative freedom I have given myself. I Am An Artist and I Am A Writer have been received well, and I enjoyed them so much I am working on a new non-fiction book. This one is on an activity I can spend hours doing: walking. It may or may not be titled Ramble On.

My picture book, The Train to Nowhere, has been outlined, but I’m not sure when I’ll start working on it.

SONZA is off to a great start! The artists I’ve interviewed so far have dug deep for me, and I hope that I can broaden the range of artists. “The Arts”, I think, are incredibly broad, and I would like to reflect that.

I’ve had an entry for the NZ Young Writers Anthology and it’s had a fair bit of exposure. I hope to get as many wonderful stories and poems as last year!

Unfortunately, I’ve been quite groggily tired for a while, and it’s intefering with my enthusiasm and energy. I am hoping that more walking and a better diet are the cure!

I’m already behind on my university readings (sigh) but I still have time to catch up. I have some art workshops coming up soon that I am looking forward to (mandala drawing, and a learn how to draw session) as well as teaching creative writing.

All in all, it’s been a creatively satisfying start, with enough books sold for me to feel like there is an audience who like & want my books. I have a few things to catch up on, but I do have time on my hands (or I will, once I can drag myself out of bed at a decent hour) and the bottom (three) line(s) are that I’m enjoying myself, I’m learning, and I’m helping others. That’s what matters 🙂

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  • I can completely empathize with having a irregular schedule this year. I am completely off track of where I thought I would be this year, but I am learning to love the adjustment. This is a year of new adventures.

    • Z.R. Southcombe
      10 months ago

      So off track! But I have the quote up in my studio still – :Note to self: I am allowing space for the unexpected. I will find comfort in constant change.”

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