Out & About: My first craft market of the year

On craft markets…

I started attending craft markets as an author in June last year, kicking off with the Mangere Bridge Village Market (which I can unfortunately no longer attend due to day job #2). I tried a few out, and while there were some duds, I made a profit at most of them – as well as a bunch of other benefits which I have written about here.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not being a ‘real’ author by attending craft markets. After all, creative writing is an elite art for the chosen few, not a mere craft… pfft! I try to quash this voice as soon as it sticks its oversized chin in the air and get on with enjoying myself.

Blockhouse Bay is one of my favourites because it’s where I grew up. My stall is usually opposite the library, where I spent a lot of time as a child, and probably had some part to play in the making of my books! I’ve done a group stall here with Jo Barr & Robyn P. Murray, and I now have repeat customers – yay!

At Blockhouse Bay Market Day, Jan 2016

What I’m looking forward to…

I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot more in 2016, with this month (Feb) including the Orewa Boulevard Arts Fiesta and possibly one in the CBD. Of course there’s my own book launch as well, and I’ve booked tickets for Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk in late Feb, after reading Big Magic pulled me out from a sort-of artistic crisis last year.

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