Remembering why I write & review round-up

TCOI coverRecently, I received my first ‘bad’ review.  It was on a kiwi review site, and the reviewer gave me a 3/10… eek! It was clear that she wasn’t quite my ideal reader, and I made an effort not to let it get under my skin. Obviously, it was a bit of a sting, but I took it as a reminder that not everyone’s going to agree that ‘whimsical and outlandish’ is a good thing.

And as an antidote to the sting, yesterday I received not one, but three heart-warming, five-star reviews! One was from a beta-reader who re-read the novel in its finished state (a 13-ish year old), one from a book blogger I had reached out to earlier this year, and one from a reader who’d bought the Kindle book to read together with her daughter. They honestly brought this writer to tears!

These reviews were just what I needed to remind me why I write. The Caretaker of Imagination was a story I wrote to re-inspire wonder and imagination in readers of all ages, and to remind children that no matter how much more ‘control’ adults have – children have got so much to offer to us. These readers were on the same page as me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my dreams with them.

If you’d like to read the reviews, click on the excerpts below.

What a great way to reach out to pre-teens and older to help reset that optimistic attitude that our childhood embraces. Reading The Caretaker of Imagination brings us back to that “life is full of wonders” attitude of childhood. – Christmas Country Mom

The story is continuously intriguing, while encouraging imagination to the reader/audience with scenarios only our less inhibited & spontaneous selves can bring us to. – Thea @ Thea Matters

[spoiler alert] “This book is very well paced. I speed off and does not slow down till the very end of the story. The way it develops and introduces character while not breaking the story to do so is very well down. This not [only] helped make this a excellent story [but] helped me think about my own sense of pacing and what I could do to improve my own works.” – Nicholas

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  • I read somewhere recently, your not a real author until you have had a bad review. So, I guess I should say congratulations. 🙂

    • Z.R. Southcombe
      3 years ago

      A bit like ‘you’re not a real driver until you’ve had an accident’? My grandad told me that! Congratulations gratefully accepted 😉

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