“I really feel like what Zee gives as rewards as a supported artist goes WAY beyond the value of the contributions I make… I really do feel overwhelmed by how generous you are.” – Jonathon, Gold Patron

Ongoing Sponsorship

These wonderful people are giving a monthly donation via Patreon to support my pro bono and community work.

Sponsorship works on a reward system, so as well as warm fuzzies from helping me help others, you get presents too! It includes your name printed in my books, digital and snail mail goodies and more – for further information, see my Patreon page.

Jonathon Hagger

Amanda Staley

Adrienne Body

One-off projects

  • The first annual NZ Young Writers’ Anthology was primarily sponsored by Bernestine Singley.
  • The Caretaker of Imagination book launch was primarily sponsored by Kip McGrath Education Centres (NZ), with smaller sponsorship from Pixie Party Supplies.