Zee reads an extract from ‘Lucy’s Story: The End of the World’ [video]

So, I finally managed to get my first vlog done! Well… I sort of cheated, because it’s more a reading of chapters 1 & 2 in Lucy’s Story, and less of a video blog, but it’s my first time so I’m cutting myself some slack.

Now, this is a huge step for me. Public speaking is far from my forte, and I’m camera shy (when we watch our old home videos, you can see my dad trying to catch me on camera – as soon as I realise he’s here, I run away!).

Over the past few years, I’ve challenged myself to do more things outside of my comfort zone. Public speaking and being in front of the camera is so far away from my comfort zone that I’m taking little steps towards being able to confidently speak to an audience. In university, I chose assignments that involved a seminar or presentation, and thanks to my filmie friends have had a little experience in front of the camera. This year, I’ve even signed up to be an extra! Talk about pushing boundaries – whew.


Making a speech at the my first book launch.

So without further ado (because there’s been enough ado, methinks) here’s my first vlog! I’m aiming to get a few more up before launch day this Saturday, and then do vlogs regularly – hopefully once a fortnight at least, but we’ll see how things go.

Please do let me know your thoughts on the video, as I’m super nervous about it! What did you like? What could I improve on?

And of course… do you think you’ll read the rest of  Lucy’s Story: The End of the World? You can pre-order the eBook from Amazon now.

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